0.30 cent lab grown diamond

0.50 cent HPHT diamond

0.50 cent TO 1.00 carat I1/2 Clarity D/E/F Color mix Lot

1.00 carat Pear shape Lab Grown Diamonds

1.00 Carat Oval Cut CVD DIAMOND

1.00 Carat Oval Cut Lab Grown Diamond

1.00 carat TO 2.00 vvs/vs Clarity D/E/F Color mix cvd diamond

1.50 carat oval cut lab grown diamond

2.00 carat Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond

2.00 TO 2.50 carat vvs/vs Clarity D/E/F Color mix hpht diamond

3.00 carat round cut cvd diamond

Fancy Cut Diamond


Heart Shape Lab Grown Diamond

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